The Gibraltar Ship Registry is a British Red Ensign Group Category 1 Register. Certain requirements placed upon the Registry by means of its modus operandi, ensure it delivers a high level of quality and excellence. Benefits of being part of the REG group of registries include common quality policies and strategies.

The Registry boasts a good standing within the ‘Paris' MoU’ white list on Port State Control. This affords benefits to ship-owners in way of the Flag State being catogorised as a low risk flag which directly impacts the fleet’s PSC inspection frequency.

As an ISO 9001 certified, and IMO III Code compliant organisation, our register operates efficiently and consistently in accordance with IMO and international best practices.

Statutory survey and certification requirements for Gibraltar registered ships are concurrent with International Conventions, which are implemented through Gibraltar’s extensive range of Merchant Shipping Legislation.

New Registrations: Assessment of eligibility to register

A shipowner or manager wanting to register a vessel in Gibraltar should initially contact the Registry and Survey Division to discuss registration and survey requirements.

Prior to accepting vessels onto its register, an assessment to ensure vessels proposed for registration meet the Administration’s required standards of quality and suitability. The GMA uses several key performance indicators to determine the eligibility of vessels to register. These key performance indicators include but are not limited to, risk, Port State Control history, Class Society, current and intended manager/owner performance, casualty history and previous flag state. 

The assessment will provide an indication whether a vessel is eligible for registration and if any pre-registration conditions may be required.

Vessels over 20 years of age are normally subject to Ministerial consent prior to registration.

Vessels in service: Survey Requirements

The Gibraltar Maritime Administration delegates most of its statutory surveys and certification functions to approved Recognised Organisations (Classification Societies) under formal agreement. Gibraltar has designated the following Classification Societies as Recognised Organisations:

  • ABS
  • BV
  • DNV AS
  • LR
  • RINA
  • ClassNK

The GMA retains direct responsibility for the assessment and audit/inspection of Gibraltar shipping companies and ships against the International Safety Management (ISM) Code, the International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) Code, Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), Large Yacht Code and Passenger ship surveys.

Using its team of highly experienced and trained exclusive surveyors, the GMA undertakes all ISM, ISPS, MLC, LYC and passenger ship compliance related visits (Note: ISM, ISPS and MLC interim verifications are generally delegated to Class during change of flag of surveys).

The GMA does not require annual flag state inspections to be undertaken on its registered fleet.

Ship visits for audits and inspections are harmonised where possible.

The use of GMA exclusive flagstate surveyors, allows us to:

  1. Develop a thorough understanding of it registered fleet and management Company’s;
  2. Develop and maintain strong relationships with our valued Clients;
  3. Provide an unrivalled level of support to our clients;
  4. Assist our clients to ensure the quality of their fleet is maintained.

Our team of flag state surveyors are also qualified and experienced Port State Control Officers and are available to provide guidance in matters relating to PSC interventions and inspections.                                                          

For more information please contact our survey team.

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