MLC Inspections

The Gibraltar Maritime Administration retains responsibility of ensuring Gibraltar registered ships comply with the requirements of the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC).

Gibraltar’s policy is for the MLC initial, intermediate and renewal verifications to be completed by GMA MLC inspectors wherever possible. MLC inspections are normally completed in conjunction with ISM and ISPS audits, which are harmonised to reduce the number of ship attendances required.

Generally, interim inspections are delegated to Recognised Organisations during vessel deliveries and when ships transfer into the Gibraltar ship register.

The GMA liaises closely with owners/managers to schedule inspections to suit the ship’s schedule and to be as cost efficient as possible.


The MLC Notices (MLN) provide guidance on compliance with Gibraltar regulations which give effect to the MLC.

Implementation of MLNs will be taken as evidence of compliance with the Gibraltar regulations. However, MLNs do not preclude the shipowner from demonstrating a higher standard for evidence of compliance.


Our DMLC Part I provides details of Gibraltar Merchant Shipping Regulations relating to seafarers’ working and living conditions.


All ships are required to have a DMLC Part II.

For new registrations or ships which change MLC shipowner, a blank DMLC Part II can be downloaded from our website. Shipowners are required to complete the DMLC II stating how MLC compliance will be achieved.

Once completed, the DMLC Part II will be reviewed by the GMA or an accepted RO. When it has been successfully reviewed, the Ship Registry will send an official copy for the shipowner to sign and send to the ship for the ship’s files.

Download all relevant forms and files here.

Crew Complaints

Seafarer Complaints should be addressed to the GMA designated email: Please try to include as much information as possible to enable us to resolve the complaint as quickly as possible. Further information on Seafarer's complaints can be found within our Maritime Labour Notices 23 and 23b.