Gibraltar Ship Registry offers a wide range of services including the registration of legal mortgages that provides security for mortgagees. Through inspection of the registers, any interested parties can ascertain whether a vessel is free from encumbrances or it has any registered liens.

The Gibraltar Ship Registry currently offers three types of registration:

1) Full Registration;

2) Bareboat Registration;

3) Registration Under Construction

(Full Registrations are valid for five years, Bareboat Registrations for up to two years and are all renewable).

In addition, there are facilities to ‘Bareboat Out’ vessels that are fully registered to other Ship Registers. As a jurisdiction, Gibraltar is served by skilled and experienced firms who in their capacity as local representatives, can assist with all aspects of ship registration, ship finance (including drafting and registration of loan and security documentation) and collection and dispatch of registry related documentation. In addition, the local representatives can assist with incorporation of shipping and crewing companies in Gibraltar as well as advising how to structure these to the benefit of their clients.