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Gibraltar has been involved in the registration of vessels for over 70 years and in 1997 was awarded Category 1 Red Ensign Status allowing it to register vessels of all types and tonnage. The GMA administers the Gibraltar ship and yacht registers on behalf of Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar. Both registers enjoy and benefit from a comprehensive framework of maritime legislation, based on english common law supported by a first-rate legal and fiscal environment.

Gibraltar offers a credible, prestigious and user friendly register, based on a well-established legal system based on English law. The registry operates in a friendly tax environment which is serviced by very skilled and experienced professionals. These benefits are accessible to owners from around the globe.

Our Vision:

To uphold and enhance the reputation of our Flag by promoting a large and diverse fleet without compromising quality.


To contribute towards the continued development of Gibraltar as an international maritime of excellence, whilst facilitating international trade and commerce by providing the service of a maritime register committed to the highest standards of safe operation of ships, protection of the marine environment and the welfare of the persons working on board.