The Gibraltar ship and yacht registries were established in 1997 in their present form, and are administered by the Gibraltar Maritime Administration (GMA). Gibraltar is a highly rated British Category One Red Ensign Register. The Registry is listed within the ‘Paris’ white list on Port State Control.

As an ISO 9001 certified organisation, our registers operate efficiently and consistently in accordance with international best practices. We offer a credible, prestigious and user friendly register, based on a well-established legal system based on English law and which operates in a low tax environment serviced by very skilled and experienced professionals. We offer excellent customer support and the benefits we offer are accessible to owners from around the globe.

This website contains information and resources related to registration of ships, surveys, audits, maritime legislation and guidelines. We also have sections on the registration of yachts in Gibraltar as well as other maritime-related literature.

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IMPORTANT: For Incidents &/or Accidents please report to maico@gibraltar.gov.gi and maritime.survey@gibraltar.gov.gi

                  EMERGENCY Contact number: +350 56939000